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Receive rapid feedbacks from conference audience or university class students.
Guarantee total anonymity for opinion and HR surveys.


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Need more control over who is granted to vote? Create managed surveys where anonymity of your voters is protected by Geens.com - a nonprofit - and its Ethical Committee.

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Have something to ask? Create as many polls or surveys as you wish.

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Define the questions, the participants, the timeframe of the poll, and eventually evaluate the results.

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By the means of the unique Geens.com platform, you can specify the group of voters and ensure that everybody votes only once without ever knowing who voted what.



Geepoll is a free solution offered by Geens.com to illustrate the privacy potential driven by a "user owned platform".

Geens.com - operating from Belgium - is a nonprofit membership organisation that provides information technology services to individuals, governments and businesses, governed by a legal and ethical data protection control.