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The first version of GeePoll - - has been released on Saturday, 15 April 2017


GeePoll is a free voting tool offered by NPO. This is a typical privacy showcase application, because privacy and security are very important when voting/polling.


There are two types of polls: Snap Polls & Advanced Polls.

  1. Snap Poll

    This type of polling is used during a meeting or conference, where all participants are gathered in one room. It’s an easy way for the organising team to receive feedback from the audience in a private way. There are almost no obstacles for the snap poll. The voter only needs a device (smartphone/tablet/notebook) and internet connectivity for voting. So, snap polling is easy, but there is a disadvantage. Technically, we are not in a position to verify if a person has already voted. Therefore, our preference goes to the use of the Advanced Poll with “Geens-on”. This is the ideal situation where 100% privacy and security is guaranteed.

  2. Advanced Poll

    This type of polling is for a global internet audience. Advanced polls can be created by every Geens user. So, this is a prerequisite: “The creator of the poll needs a Geens account”. The voters do not necessarily need a Geens account. If this is the case, again 100% reliability of the polling cannot be guaranteed… cheating can be done by using different browsers e.g.
    The big advantage of the advanced poll is that the polls can be saved in the account of the geens user and that he/she can manage his/her polls (advanced polls) at all times. The application gives the creator complete flexibility. Settings can be changed at every moment… Previous polls can be reused… Polling interval can be suspended or prolonged… etc.

Overview of the functionalities

  1. Creating a Poll
  2. Two options: "Snap Poll" and "Advanced Poll"
  3. Advanced Poll can be with "Geens-On" or not.
  4. Editing a Poll at any moment
  5. Polls have two types of questions: "List of answers" or "open"
  6. Polls can have multiple questions
  7. Polls can be started at a given moment (date & time), after interval, or manually
  8. Polls can be ended at a given moment (date & time), after interval, or manually
  9. The result of the poll is displayed at any moment (also during the poll), only at the end (interval), only to creator
  10. Creator can define a list of voters (even * list separator is ","... same as in gmail)... Voters need a Geens account in this case
  11. Reset functionality (deleting all votes)
  12. Copy Poll functionality
  13. Delete Poll functionality
  14. More functionalities will be added in future versions:

    “Auto Stop” functionality,

    “Archiving” functionality,

    “Push” functionality by email, …

Genuine Digital Privacy and Anonymity by NPO -
Good luck on (y)our platform
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